Our Curriculum:

Infant Our infant curriculum provides your child with the ability to learn how to use their motor skills. We support them every step of the way on their walking, crawling and especially having fun! We will build trust with your child so that we can teach them properly.

Toddler– Our toddler curriculum supports your child during their main stage of learning. We love to encourage the toddlers in learning on a step-by step basis and we do not move to the next lesson plan until they have mastered the previous one. We use different methods in teaching our toddlers for example we use music, creative arts, language, social and many more to help the toddlers feel like they are having fun while learning.

Preschool– Our preschool curriculum enhances development in your child’s learning stages by helping them learn, spell, and write words. We use the same method as our toddlers, by using music, creative arts, language, social and many more interactions with your child which also helps them learn while having fun.

Kindergarten– Our kindergarten curriculum helps your child expand more on the basic skills of reading, writing and math. The teacher’s also use music, art, and physical activities to make the children more engaged and excited to learn more.

Jessely Loving Care Daycare is making kids Smart and Happy. The daycare was established in July 2010. The daycare was created to provide continuance of love, education, and care for little kids when their parents are away to work. Jessely’s Loving Care Daycare provides a multicultural, diverse, warm and welcoming environment that enhances the learning abilities of your child. The daycare prepares the young ones to adapt and succeed in a fast and changing world.   

Jessely Loving Care Daycare has over 9 years of experience and with a committed and lovely team working together to make your child happy. Our children receive healthy breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Come join our family at Jessely Loving Care Daycare and rest assured your child is in loving and caring hands. Come and Check us out.


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